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ERASMUS+ KA121 Single Beneficiary Project (AGREEMENT NO 2021-1-LV01-KA121-SCH-000018606)

Project duration: 1 September 2021 - 31 August 2023

Title: "Erasmus+ accredited mobility project for RVVG students and staff"

Project coordinator: Ina Baumane


  • To promote the development of students' cognitive and social skills in a multicultural environment and to raise awareness of the positive impact of foreign language skills on intercultural communication in the age of globalisation and career choices.
  • To improve the professional competences of teachers in order to implement the new approach in teaching the curriculum and to ensure a quality learning process.

Achievable results:

  • improve their communication skills in foreign languages;
  • improve their foreign language skills, which will be reflected in their confidence, which they will express both to other schoolmates when presenting the results and personal benefits of the project, and in their individual academic achievement dynamics (e.g. exam results);
  • define intercultural differences as cultural values in the learning process and be able to use this knowledge to foster further cooperation between partner organisations;
  • use the digital skills developed in the learning process and demonstrate a higher level of digital literacy;
  • make informed decisions about their future career (studies or further vocational training), as evidenced by the compilation of the future educational paths of students who have already graduated from the Grammar School in the school history.
  • gain experience and learn new, innovative methods and techniques by hosting and delivering lessons in partner organisations;
  • collect examples of good practice from international events;
  • improve the planning and delivery of their teaching using a variety of methods, the CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning) approach, and offer lesson observations to colleagues in order to pass on their experience;
  • publish their experience on the school website and disseminate it outside their organisation;
  • organise workshops, seminars or learning groups to share their experiences and practical tips and receive feedback on the usefulness of the content.

Learning mobility’s carried out

You can read about the mobilities in the section "Mobilities implemented" and in the digital brochure, see link:

Type of activity Time and place Participants Hosting in Latvia
04.04. - 20.06.2022
2 students (10th/11th grade, German language) -
Städtisches Stiftsgymnasium Xanten
16.04. - 18.06.2023
 2 students (11th grade, German language) -
Weser Gymnasium Vlotho
16.04. - 18.06.2023
 1 student (10th grade, German language) -
Gymnasium der Stiftung Theresianische Akademie Wien
17.04. - 19.06.2023
2 students (11th grade, German language) -
STUDENT GROUP MOBILITY Tellkampfschule Hannover
03. - 10.03.2023
15 students (10th grade, English language) 28.11. - 02.12.2022
Städtisches Stiftsgymnasium Xanten
17. - 23.04.2023
15 students (8th grade, English language); 7 students (11th grade, German language) 26. - 30.09.2022
Lessing Gymnasium Berlin
16. - 21.04.2023
40 students (8th grade, German language) 20. - 24.03.2023
Bernoulli Gymnasium Wien
02. - 10.06.2023
2 students 24.03. - 02.04.2023
WORK OBSERVATION Weser Gymnasium Vlotho
25.03. - 01.04.2023
6 teachers -
Lessing Gymnasium Berlin
08. - 11.11.2023
3 teachers -
COURSES Valensija Teacher Akademie
13. - 18.03.2023
1 teacher -