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Student group mobilities

Student group mobility to Xanten (Germany) 17. - 23.04.2023

Participants: 15 pupils (8th grade 1st foreign language English) and 7 pupils (11th grade 1st foreign language German)
Teachers: Elīna Beča, Juliane Hannelore Kaup and Māris Apsītis

Within the project "Erasmus+ accredited mobility project for RVVGS students and staff" our school 8th and 11th grade students improved their foreign language skills in Xanten, Germany on 17. - 23.04.2023.

The aim of the project is to provide educational opportunities in a multicultural environment, to develop communication and social skills, to explore intercultural communication and possible future career opportunities.

During the project, students visited the city of Xanten and the town hall, met the mayor and visited the nearby town of Aachen and its breathtaking cathedral. A full day was devoted to a study tour to the Belgian capital Brussels, where students had the opportunity to explore one of the European Parliament buildings and visit the EP Chamber. On the same day, students visited the European Parliament's Visitors' Centre "Parlamentarium", Europe's largest centre dedicated to parliamentary activities. There, students learned many interesting facts about the European Union and beyond. Throughout the project, the pupils worked hard in groups with German pupils to prepare for the final discussion on the topic "Germany and Latvia - common roots and common heritage in Europe". The project concluded with a successful discussion. Before flying away, the students had the opportunity to explore Cologne and its main attraction - the Cologne Cathedral. The Year 8 pupils had a great opportunity to see the teaching process and to visit the German Gymnasium.

The benefits of the project include new friends made, improved knowledge of both German and English, and overall everyone is very happy with their experience.

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Student group mobility to Hannover (Germany) 03.- 10.03.2023

Participants: 15 pupils (10th grade 1st foreign language English)
Teachers: Dace Zunda and Inguna Serda

In the framework of the Erasmus+ accredited mobility project for students and staff, 15 students improved their foreign language skills in a partner organisation in Germany (Tellkampfschule Hannover) from 03 - 10 March 2023.

The aim of the project was to provide educational opportunities in a multicultural environment, to develop communication and social skills and to learn about intercultural communication.

Together with students from Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden, Spain, Poland and France, our grammar school students worked in 10 workshops in art, music, sports, culture, biology and social sciences. They could choose their field, as each workshop had a different task. One group documented the week and made a video, while another group discussed the pros and cons of living, studying and working in another country. In the art workshop, a collaborative artwork was created, and in the biology workshop, a bee house. One group also focused on water and water scarcity in different countries. Musical young people had the opportunity to work in a music workshop, forming a band and playing 3 popular songs in their own arrangement, while another workshop choreographed a dance. Young people had the opportunity to learn about and compare sports and to work in teams to learn about some of them. At the end of the project, the results were presented.

The students also spent a lot of time with their host families, had the opportunity to get to know the family's daily life and visit sights and museums in Hannover. Hamburg was also explored during the study tour.

The students said that the project had provided them with valuable experience, new friends and a different culture.

Their opinion is very clear:

"Erasmus+ is an unforgettable experience and an adventure, it's about new friends, new discoveries, improving your foreign language skills and living outside your comfort zone, but it's definitely not difficult to adjust to. These are positive emotions that we want everyone to experience."

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Student group mobility to Vienna (Austria)

Participants: Elza Gādmane (10.SA) and Līva Mālere (10.EI)

Teacher: Elīna Beča

During the project, the students had the opportunity to actively participate in the learning process of Bernoulli Gymnasium and to take part in various lessons and activities. The lessons included mathematics, biology, Spanish, Italian, German and English, chemistry, music and religion.

German teacher Elīna Beča went with the students to the partner organisation, where she visited German lessons, learned about the Austrian education system and got new ideas for her work.

Bernoulli Gymnasium is a progressive school offering a highly creative learning environment for more than 900 students. With around 50% of the pupils in the Gymnasium not speaking German as their first language, Elza and Liva had a great opportunity to experience intercultural communication and interaction in a very multicultural environment. The girls developed their communication skills while living with host families, which definitely helped them to improve their foreign language skills.

In their free time, the girls visited Vienna's most important sights, enriching their experiences and broadening their horizons. An unforgettable experience was the Vienna amusement park, where the girls experienced the everyday life of young Austrians and got to know their spoken language, which is rich in Anglicisms and different from the standard language they both learn at school.

Student group mobility to Berlin (Germany) 16 - 21.04.2023

Participants: 40 pupils (8th grade, 1st year German)
Teachers: Daiga Gotfrīda, Uģis Urtāns, Agnese Grāvīte

In the framework of the Erasmus+ Accredited Mobility Project for Pupils and Staff, 40 pupils improved their foreign language skills at a partner school in Germany (Lessing-Gymnasium Berlin) from 16 - 21 April 2023.

The aim of the project was to raise students' awareness of German culture, to get to know the sights of Berlin, to improve and use their knowledge of German in everyday life, to get to know Lessing-Gymnasium and the daily life of German students, to participate in workshops with German young people and to develop a project about sights in the Berlin area.

At the Lesing Gymnasium, pupils worked in small groups with German students on a project about a particular site: they researched, analysed and compiled information, went to see the site together and then made a poster. The final evening of the joint project included a presentation of the projects on Berlin's sights, as well as the premiere of a film about sights in Riga made by Latvian students. At the end of the evening, both Latvian and German young people joined together in joint activities and enjoyed a feast prepared by the parents of the German young people.

During the project, students walked along the famous Unter den Linden from the Brandenburg Gate to Alexanderplatz, visited the zoo and the World Gardens, enjoyed the Berlin skyline from the TV tower, explored the medieval history of Dungeon Berlin and went behind the scenes of film-making at the Babelsberg Film Park.

The students say that they have definitely gained valuable experience, made new friends and experienced a different culture: "When I applied for this project, I did not expect to come back and have so many new experiences, see and experience so many new things."

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