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alberts_1Albert's awards ceremony in Riga State German Grammar School takes place once in two years becoming more and more interesting and exciting. Idea for the necessity for such an event appeared in autumn 1995, when Alise Zirne got the idea to create a prize for most disliked teachers. But joining Juris Pūce, Katrīna Neiburga, Agne Skane and a sculptor Oskars Minkāns the prize -MY TEACHER was made. Teachers are still being rewarded by students' vote results in nominations:

  • The wittiest teacher
  • The most charming teacher
  • The most elegant teacher
  • The most strict teacher
  • Teacher's smile
  • The best language teacher
  • The best science teacher
  • The best sports teacher

Winners in these nominations get ceramist G.Slavietes made prize. Initially, three teachers, who had received the most student votes, were awarded only in the main nomination. But since 2002 when school reconstruction had been completed, the number of nominations was expanded. Now in each of them were two winners - Albert's nomination in the primary school and in the secondary school.

Interesting facts:

  • In the category the most strict teacher several times was nominated the German language teacher Zane Jakovica
  • In nomination "The funniest teacher" and "My teacher" was several times nominated music teacher Kārlis Hammers.

Teachers who have received Albert and other nominations are:

Year 1995:

  • Inta Miezīte
  • Īra Bergmane
  • Sandra Sīle

Year 1997:

  • Anžella Kreismane
  • Raita Lapiņa

Year 1999:

  • Verners Straupe

Year 2002:

The primary school


The secondary school

Baiba Siliniece

The most elegant teacher

Baiba Siliniece

Zane Jakoviča

The most strict teacher

Gunārs Tomass

Kārlis Hammers

The most jovial teacher

Kārlis Hammers

Sandra Sīle

The most charming teacher

Lothar Christoph Barthel

Arnita Saukāne

The class teacher

Baiba Siliniece

Aija Šīrava

Albert 2002

Baiba Siliniece

Travelling Award was given to:

The best language teacher - Zane Jakovica

The best science teacher - Inta Miezīte

The best social science teacher - Iveta Daude

The best art teacher - Līga Strazdiņa

Year 2004:

  • The best science teacher - Anita Pukse
  • The best language teacher - Gunārs Tomass
  • The best sports event organizer - Iveta Daude
  • The most charming teacher - Ģirts Paeglītis
  • The wittiest teacher - Kārlis Hammers
  • The most elegant teacher - Sandra Sīle
  • The most strict teacher - Zane Jakovica
  • The most smiling teacher - Valentīns Pužulis
  • The main prize, Albert's winner - Arnita Saukāne

Year 2006:

  • The main prize, Albert's winner - Inita Kalteniece
  • The best class teacher - Inga Riekstiņa
  • The most strict teacher - Zane Jakovica

Year 2008:

  • Albert's award ceremony was moved to the next year.

Year 2009:

As usual winners were selected by students' votes, this year 564 students had voted!

Two new nominations were added - coffee lover and the friendliest teacher. This year's Albert's prize winners were:

  • Gunārs Tomass - The most punctual teacher
  • Inga Jasaite - The most elegant teacher
  • Daiga Šķēle - The most smiling teacher
  • Zane Jakovica - The most strict teacher
  • Kārlis Kūriņš - Coffee lover
  • Iveta Daude - The friendliest teacher
  • Inita Kaltiniece - My class teacher
  • But "Albert's prize 2009" winner was Elīna Saukante.